Inflatable Dinosaur Costume


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Why Walk When You Can Stroll In The Back Of A Dinosaur?

Step up your costume game this Halloween with this Inflatable Dinosaur Costume! Awesomeness in a prehistoric level and will instantly turn you into a legend without first becoming a fossil. This witty and funny costume, it will look like you’re riding a glorious prehistoric meat-eating predator like a horse, but you’re actually just standing and having awesome time.

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No need to worry about wasting your breath inflating the costume. The Inflatable Dinosaur Costume has a battery operated fan that will make it blow up within seconds and stay that way all night long.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume 4


Not only witty and fun but The Inflatable Dinosaur Costume also leaves you a lot of jiggle space so you will not have to restrict yourself with tight and uncomfortable costumes and it’s ventilated so you will not get sweaty on the dance floor.

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