3d Jigsaw Puzzle Educational

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product description:

Available in pure black and pure white
Size: 38 * 26cm
Thickness: about 1.8mm
specifications: 1000 pieces / set
Package: gift box
This 1000-piece puzzle is 38 * 26cm in size. It is a puzzle decompression product.

Combination method
1. Prepare a piece of thick cardboard which is larger than the finished size of the puzzle in advance, and pad it at the bottom before the combination of the puzzle, so as to facilitate the movement and collection during the combination process, and prevent the scattered and lost of the puzzle.Jigsaw puzzle.

2. First find out the number of straight lines on one side and both sides, combine the four sides of the picture, and then gradually move to the center of the picture, which can reduce the time of the puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle.

3. In combination, if the jigsaw and the jigsaw cannot be tightly closed, or there is a difference in color (especially when dealing with the same color system picture, more attention should be paid) does not force the combination, please take some more efforts to find out the correct number of pieces.

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